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Facade silicate brick is produced from quality river sand and lime.Previously molded mass is steamed under pressure and thus we produce brick of great hardness, ideal edge and natural white-grey colour.
By adding colour pigments in the raw mass, we produce the same quality brick in pleasing pastel colours.
Applications-Facade of silicate brick is built with lime-cement mortar.Bricks have to be immersed in water before building.During the building, brick have to be cleaned from the rest of fresh mortar.
If you build layer wall, facade silicate brick is attached with fasteners from the noncorrosion wire (diameter of 3-4 mm);fasteners are placed on distance of 100 cm on horizontal line, 50 cm on vertical line.
Along the margins and openings on the facade, fastenerse are placed on distance of 40 cm.
After the building, facade can be protected from diry and absorbing of wather by spraying with colorless silicom coat.
Delivery is one the palettes.On customers request we send attest and other informatino.
From, dimensions and quality according to european norm EN 771-2.

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